3D printing PPE – Stacked 3DVerkstan visors

We’ve been working on refining the model and settings for single filament stacked prints of the 3D Verkstan PPE visor modified by Edinburgh Emergency Medical Supplies for compatibility with standard UK hole punches. Latest files below, these are for Ultimaker 3 3D printers with a single 0.8AA nozzle and PLA filament. These stacks separate easily with a scraper/spatula. A small amount of postprocessing is advised, quickly pressing the underside of each band with an iron at “wool” heat.

Latest files (updated 15:30 on 19/05/20)

Please note, we are continuing to optimise and will update the files and changelist as we progress.

Key notes and settings

1. Disable extruder 2

Key Cura settings and modifications outlined below

Model changelist

  • 1.1 Central bar added in front void to help with printing with no support.
  • 1.2 additional thickness added to the solid base of the front void
  • 1.3 bevel increased on bottom surface, bevel added on top surface to help with separation.
  • 2.1 Cleaned up artifacts on modified stl for cleaner printing
  • 3.1 Made G-code modification to reduce printing speed for only interface layers, allowing increased print speed.