Cardboard VR

University branded cardboard headsets have been produced and are available on request. These headsets are for students to keep and combine with their smartphone to allow the use of immersive VR in teaching.

uCreate Studio staff are on hand to support you in making the most of VR in your courses next year. Staff are available to discuss your needs, highlight beginner friendly tools for creating engaging VR content and advise on VR software suitable for your needs.

Use your mouse to rotate the 3D model, click on annotations to access more information.

Interactive teaching Tools With Open.Ed

Annotated 3D models can prove a fantastic method of sharing traditionally physical teaching items in an engaging, interactive way. These models embed directly on Learn and offer a quick method of creating digital content from your physical teaching assets.

From August 31st Room 1.12 will be available for teaching related activities. Room 1.12 in the Main Library has been repurposed as a socially distanced 3D scan lab to support the creation of interactive 3D models for teaching. Slots are available each week day for teaching staff to bring objects, artefacts and teaching models to be converted into interactive 3D. Technicians will be on hand to provide socially distanced training and support to help you capture the data and build the skills required to generate great content for your courses. If objects or items are difficult to move you can get in touch to arrange a mobile session.

Edinburgh LIDAR Scanning

LIDAR scanning allows for the digitisation of locations and buildings in full colour and 3 dimensions. The data sets produced can then be for a wide range of applications: as a reference for the creation of measured drawings; as an annotated teaching tool for interactive viewing online or as a 3D environment to be explored in Virtual Reality.

Throughout the summer uCreate Studio staff will be active scanning Edinburgh buildings and locations sites by request. Data will be made available on Datashare and training resources, workshops and advice sessions will be provided on the run up to term start to help you and your students make the most of these assets. Have a site in mind for your teaching next year? Fill out our request form and we’ll work to capture a high quality LIDAR point cloud ready for use next year.

"Hands On At Home" Workshops

With the switch to working from home, the uCreate studio have identified online, small group workshops as a key way to deliver maker software skills to the students and staff of the university.

We’re testing these sessions over the summer with a view to developing robust processes for teaching practical skills online and preparing a selection of “hands on at home” workshops ready for delivery throughout the academic year. Keen to add some maker skills sessions to your course this year? Get in touch to discuss options and possibilities.