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This knowledge base holds a collection of guides covering a variety of makerspace tools and technologies.

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A graphic of a 3D printer

3D Printing

3D printing is an additive manufacture process. With these technologies, an object is produced by layer upon layer of plastic (or other materials).

A graphic of a 3D scanner

3D Scanning

3D scanning allows us to create 3-dimensional digital replicas of physical objects and locations.

Low temperature casting systemCasting & Mould Making

These are formative manufacture processes. In these technologies, a piece of material (eg: plastic, wax, metal) is non-destructively changed into a finished product.

A graphic of a CNC Mill

Cutting & Milling

Cutting and milling are subtractive manufacture processes. With these technologies, material is removed from a block to produce a finished product.

Electronic diagnostic equipmentElectronics

Electronics covers various electrical processes and equipment from the hardware side: Breadboarding with electronic components, soldering, multimeters and electrical device repair etc to programming with Arduino and raspberry pi.



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