Makerspace Inductions


Any Edinburgh University staff or students who wish to gain access and be allowed to use the Makerspace workshop (Room 1.11) in the main library must first complete an in-person induction which covers information about the makerspace and essential health and safety guidance.

This induction does not go into any specific detail on how to use any particular piece of makerspace equipment.

Inductions last ~35 minutes and run every weekday. You can book a place here


Optional induction follow up training

Every induction is immediately followed by a 45 - 60 minute specific equipment training for which, by signing up to an induction, a space will automatically be kept for you (but your attendance is optional).

Please see our event booking calendar to determine the specific training on the day of your induction, but in general:

Monday Soldering and 3D Scanning LiDAR (environments) - 2nd Monday of each month only
Tuesday Induction only
Wednesday Adobe Photoshop and 3D Scanning EinScan (objects)
Thursday Alternating 3D Printing and Formative Manufacture
Friday Alternating Soldering and Raspberry Pi

Please note, most equipment trainings are for extra guidance and are optional, unlike the basic health and safety induction, which is mandatory. 

Mandatory trainings are for laser cutting, soldering, formative manufacture, CNC and LiDAR scanning.

For LiDAR scanning only, if you have a group that would like training, you can also email us at to organise a group training session.

You will not be permitted to use these pieces of equipment without completing the necessary training. 

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