Equipment Bookings


Technician supported 3D scanning and VR headset use is available for booking by all university community members.
3D printing, cutting and milling and electronics equipment is also available to book for self-service use but only by inducted users (you will not be able to see them as options if you are not inducted).

PLEASE NOTE - Rules for use

  • Do not book more than two 3D printers at any one time without staff permission or your bookings may be cancelled without warning.
  • You must attend and use your bookings or cancel them in advance - repeat no shows may be removed from the system.
  • If you are late for a booking it may be cancelled without warning so another maker can use the equipment.
  • If your 3D print overruns into another maker's slot, your print may be cancelled without warning - allow extra time for troubleshooting when making your booking.

To book, use the button below. and select either:

  • uCreate Makerspace - 3D Scanning & Virtual Reality
  • uCreate Makerspace - 3D Printers (max. 16 hours) for short duration 3D printing
  • uCreate Makerspace - 3D Printers (max. 40 hours) for longer duration 3D printing
  • uCreate Makerspace - Cutting, Milling and Electronics for all other equipment

3D scanning, photogrammetry, green screen and VR are in room 1.12 and 1.15, while self service manufacture equipment is within Room 1.11, Main Library, George Square.

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Please note: Digital manufacture booking tiles are only visible to inducted users.

If you encounter any problems with the booking system, please get in touch.